Tuesday, March 12, 2024

12 March 2024

A year ago today, Baba was admitted to hospital for what we believed was food poisoning from over feasting at the pre Ramadan get-together the day before. 

8 March 2023, screengrabbed from the video Baba made Q record of him - for when I'm gone he said in the video.

This led to multiple hospitalizations, and a life saving surgery plus one after another procedures in effort to make him better. 

Baba beat a lot of odds, everytime I had to sign the release form, my body shakes as I'm reminded of the odds stacked against him, it's always less than 50%, and each time it will work for a bit, then some, most times him not getting worse is already a blessing for us. By grace of Allah, Baba turned 80 while he was in HDU, we celebrated with whispered prayers, to ease his pain and for him to get better if he's meant to.

Prolong stay in the HDU/ICU is never good, there's too many superbugs that you'll catch, making you sicker than you already are. The lung infection that Baba contracted about three weeks post surgery keep making him sicker, and when they had to keep changing the ventilator, we knew that there's not much we can do apart from keeping Baba comfortable and have his final wishes fulfilled, to go home.

After 66 days of being in the ward after the surgery, Baba was brought home for for what we thought was his final hours, but Allah knows best, we were give sixteen days to care and nurse him at home. 

Baba and his two favorite grandsons, they dressed alike in home thobe and decided to take the bus to the city!  - 12 March 2016.

Baba had hundreds of family members and friends visit him in his final days, people from near and far came, some who haven't seen him in decades, all of them had nothing but great things to say about him.

Baba's final days were constantly surrounded by loved ones, my sister and I never left the house from the moment we came home with Baba until we left with him on his final journey.

Baba breath his last, surrounded by us in the wee hours of June the 3rd, 2023, on his eldest grandson 16th birthday which also happens to be the 44th anniversary of his mother, my grandmother Zaynab's passing. We were were devastated, heartbroken would be an understatement, but we gratefully let him go as we know the long illness he had has cleanse him of all sins and he's in a better place now. His final resting home was right between his parents, as his always wished.

Baba, not a day has gone by that I have not think of you, I still expect you to call at 7pm to remind us to pick you up. At times as we are driving up the hill, just before we reach the field, I still wonder if you are home yet and what you'd like for dinner. 

I pray that I will always be Fuad's daughter and takes after all your good traits.

Baba, Aten rindu sangat kat Baba.

Baba and his carbon-copy

Saturday, June 03, 2023

Fuad Sheikh Mohd Hussein Rafie 1943 - 2023

It is with great sadness we inform you that our beloved Baba, Haji Fuad bin Sheikh Mohd Hussein Rafie has peacefully passed away at home early this morning at 3.43am, 3 June 2023.

Allayarham Baba's jenazah is now at home in Sungai Ara, Penang.

Insyaallah, his jenazah will be taken to Masjid Hashim Yahya, Jalan Perak at about noon for solat jenazah and he will be laid to rest next to his parents at the Islamic Cemetery Jalan Perak after Zohor prayer today.

May Allah forgive him, have mercy on him and place him in his paradise Al-Firdaus Al-A'la.

'O Allah, forgive him and elevate his station among those who are guided. Send him along the path of those who came before, and forgive us and him, O Lord of the worlds. Enlarge for him his grave and shed light upon him in it.' 

اللهم اغفرله وارحمه وعافيه واعف عنه

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Happy 80th Birthday Baba!

I love you so much and I am so proud to have you as my father.

Baba & Faten - August 1974

We wish you are home celebrating this huge milestone with us but we know you are busy battling your biggest battle ever at the moment. You are our warrior, you've beaten so many odds these past couple of months, we just need a bit more miracle with Allah's Rahmah.

Even when we can't constantly be by your side, our du'a are always with you, Baba.
May Allah guide you and ease your pain; and bless you in this life and hereafter. الله أعلم

وَاَيُّوۡبَ اِذۡ نَادٰى رَبَّهٗۤ اَنِّىۡ مَسَّنِىَ الضُّرُّ وَاَنۡتَ اَرۡحَمُ الرّٰحِمِيۡنَ​ ۖ​ۚ‏. فَاسۡتَجَبۡنَا لَهٗ فَكَشَفۡنَا مَا بِهٖ مِنۡ ضُرٍّ​ وَّاٰتَيۡنٰهُ اَهۡلَهٗ و مِثۡلَهُمۡ مَّعَهُمۡ رَحۡمَةً مِّنۡ عِنۡدِنَا وَذِكۡرٰى لِلۡعٰبِدِيۡنَ‏.

"And (remember) Ayyub, when he cried to his Lord "Truly distress has seized me, but Thou art the Most Merciful of those that are merciful. So We listened to him: We removed the distress that was on him, and We restored his people to him, and doubled their number as a Grace from Ourselves, and a thing for commemoration for all who serve Us."

Surah Anbiyaa 83-84