Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hot Chick Spicy Salt is now available for order. Stock limited as I only make them in small batches to maintain freshness.
Price : RM12.50 for a bottle of 150g (5.3oz)

Postage available via Poslaju.
To place order please visit Hot Chick Spice Kitchen on Facebook or email fatenrafie@gmail.com

Monday, January 21, 2013

I can be anything you want me to, but I won't, to prove a point

I allowed things to be just about you
but at times I need it to be about me too
You asked me not to change,
not for anyone and never for you
but in the end, it wasn't me you wanted
a figment of imagination is what you lust for
made of lies and fallacy

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Third sunday of the month.

Flu med. Comfort blanket. Emily Giffin. Cough syrup. American Idol. Blue.

My sunday in a nutshell.

Friday, January 18, 2013

French Green Lentil with Hot Chick Spicy Salt With Blanched Spinach Tomato Salad and Greek Yogurt Topping

Boil 1 cup of French Green Lentil with 1/2 teaspoon Hot Chick Spicy Salt and 3 sliced Garlic with 3 cups of water for 15 minutes, or until the lentil are cooked and has soaked up all the liquid, add more liquid if required.

While the lentil is cooking, blanch a couple of handfuls of spinach in boiling water for 2 minutes. Drain and rinse under cold water, squeeze all the liquid out. Chop the spinach and mix to diced tomato. Set aside.

Serve with rocket or sorrel, rocket will add a spicy peppery touch while sorrel will give a tangy zing. Top with a dollp of yogurt and finish with more Hot Chick Spicy Salt if required.

Done in under 30 minutes.

Serves one.

Bon apetit!

Note : I have been looking for French lentil for ages, can't seem to get it here in Penang nor KL. That is until I found Opika Organic Food Store at One Utama. They have loads of organic stuffs including legumes and seeds such as lentils, quinoas and sunflower seeds.

I used the first two packs I got to make kushari, the Egyptian comfort food that I have been dying to learn to make, which my Aunt Suraya finally got the chance to teach me during her last visit.
When I was back at One Utama early last December, I was lucky that they were having sale on them French lentils, at 50% off and expiration date in 2014, of course I had to grab at least a dozen packets!

I have been experimenting with quite a few recipes with the French lentil, but I think I enjoy it most just boiled with some seasoning.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Twasn't the flours...

When I got sick again with flu and chest infection a few weeks back, someone blamed all the baking done in the house. Nah... For one, the flour particles are not fine enough to be constantly hovering in air all the times, and then there the fact that I haven't been baking with flour in months.

Let me tell you what I know, the main culprit is the next door neighbor who has been constantly renovating his house the past 18 months. 6 days a week too. I am very much amazed that the house hasn't collapsed after the amount of jackhammering that's going on. Are they like intentionally creating holes all over the walls?

Even though we are using industrial standard mask (thank God we always keep some trade samples at home), I really feel like giving a piece of my mind to them not so neighborly neighbors. This can't be going on for ever. The amount of dust and the noise and vibration over such a long period of time is really killing us. They start at 8am too!  And on Saturdays too.

I remember there was once when we were using an electric drill to put up a few frames, within 10 minutes the wife were at the gate questioning us what we were doing and why were they not inform/asked for permission to do so. And so far, since this renovation rampage started 18 months ago, no one have yet to come over to inform us of anything, heaven forbids apologize for the trouble were are going through.

So how do you deal with such neighbors? There's only so much patience in a person.

Seketika di ITPN

Ketika di ITPN siang kelmarin, sementara menanti kerani terjemahan menyiapkan borang pesanan,  saya secara tidak sengaja telah masuk ke Kedai Buku 1Malaysia yang berada di dalam bangunan tersebut, pintunya bersebelahan dengan kaunter unit terjemahan.
Hasilnya, saya dengan tidak dirancang telah terbeli beberapa buah novel Melayu serta Indonesia untuk Mama dan 'dua tiga' buah buku puisi untuk pengisian jiwa dikala dilanda gundah.
Turut 'masuk' ke dalam beg barangan pembelian saya adalah 'Perjanjian & Dokumen Lama Malaysia  (Old Treaties & Documents of Malaysia) 1791 - 1965', sebuah buku yang telah lama saya cari.
8 Januari 2013

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Fresh from my outrage over the standard of the newscasters in Malaysia mass media, a friend has put up on her status a 'new' word she came across today. 

The word fascinates me so much that I had to dig out my Malaysian Idiot Dictionary of Gibberish Edition 2013. Is it a noun? Or an adjective. Or heaven forbids a verb. So here goes.

Mancho - man·cho /mndˌ chou/

A man who thinks he is oh so hip because he applies Tancho to his hair. He is often easily recognized by his 'kepala kena kapak' and oil stains on the collar. 

Fraternizing with such is believed to be major cause of the deterioration of spelling and pronoucation skill among Malaysian of the 21st century. 

Term believed to be mainstreamed by Malaysian adults who skipped elementery spelling class in kindergarten. 

Liberal use of the term has been proven to accurately determine that your IQ is 2 point higher than human closes simian relative, the chimpanzee. 

eg. Enida has been optimistic about about her latest blind date until she discovers that he is yet another mancho. She was last seen escaping in an Airwing helicopter, headed toward the hermit caves of Sabah.

note : Tancho is a brand name of a hair pomade that was very popular during the 50s & 60s. 

Usually used to produce the sharp middle-parting hair look. Still available at bigger 'jamu' shops catering for Indonesian migrant workers. 

Side effects of using the current stock of the product are inability to spell simple words and delusion of grandeur that they are God's gift to womenkind. 

Last date of factory production is very vague, stock most probably dating to the 60s. 

To be used to turn off intelligent sophisticated adults.

Happy 2013

Here's to
joy and laughters
health and happiness
peace and prosperity