Monday, June 22, 2015

Sunday Mischief : 4th Ramadan 1436

They were supposed to be coloring, and I could swear there's no magic marker in the box, but they somehow found a stray purple Crayola.

The Flash turns skeleton. He's supposed to Doraemon, complete with battery pack on the back.

Protest face, he won't let me snap his photo. Which I later found out was because he's scared that he will get into trouble with Zz (they have some deal going on apparently). Supposed to be Nobita.
The artist is H and he worked on both Q and himself. When they realized that it won't come off, they got awfully nervous, worried that we will all go ballistic. But seriously, can you not laugh at this, let alone be angry. 

I told them they can go to the Pasar Ramadan (something they've been looking forward to) looking like that, Q quickly said he changed his mind, he doesn't want to to go to Pasar Ramadan anymore. And then I reminded them that school's tomorrow. There were some attempts to 'save face' with the various superhero masks but I told H he won't be able to wear mask to school. A quick scrub by Zz (he also can't stop laughing) managed to clean up quite bit but the traces are still quite visible. To teach them a a good lesson, I won't apply lotion to remove the remaining magic marker ink until bedtime.
Just before the first shower.

And yes, they went to Pasar Ramadan and they did provide quite a good amusing entertainment to the bazaar goers.

We still break out into giggles every time we see their faces!

Later : While applying lotion to remove the ink, I asked H where did he get the idea to do such thing, he said from watching Doraemon. So I asked him to try search if Doraemon also have some answers on how to have the ink removed. He pouted and gave me a mental doorslam!