Monday, July 23, 2012

Ijah's Weekly Fashion Challenges

My friend Ijah Amran, our resident fashionista has been putting up these Weekly Fashion Challenges on Facebook and her blog, Killing Time with Ijah Amran, I submitted a late entry for the Week #1 Sub-Challenge : Sunglasses + Week #2 Challenge : Top with Ribbon with old photos I have.

Next came the White Shirt Challenge and the current Weekly Fashion Challenge #4 : w.h.a.t.s.i.n.y.o.u.r.b.a.g

Weekly Fashion Challenge for Week 4: What's in your bag? An oldie but goodie. How to do it? Grab the handbag you are using now and take everything out. Arrange them in a square so that everything fits in a frame, you can show part of the handbag in the pic (if it fits the frame). Tag anyone you want to join the fun.

I welcome male participation too :)

*I'll put down the list of content tomorrow, but for now I'll just say I know the core to the shoulder pain I've been having is NOT over-stretching!

I've put up the challenge among my friends too and the responds are quite encouraging.

Among great sports are Kak Puteri of Kata Kama blog with her neat arrangement that's absolutely practical and almost freaked me out!
Clockwise starting from top left: 
1. Puteri Kamaliah's practically lined up
2. Hot babe Tisa Fahmy ofBeddazled. 
3. Cash rich Che Non's
4. Nik Elin's cottonfield 
5. My greatest competitor Choco Latte
6. Kak Wynn's that one upped all of us younger ones
Here's how my 'must-weigh-a-tonne' handbag contents looks like.

Content of my bag 

-Two Stoffrica note books - red for creative work, black for daily use
-Story book
-Hand salve
-Wild Rose SPF 15 Hand Cream
-Hand sanitizer
-Watch that I need to send for repair
-Long chain with pendant
-Handbag Buddy
-Asthalin Inhaler
-3 costume bangles - in silver, gold & bronze
-Beats Audio headphone + pouch & spareparts
-Sun glasses
-Toothbrush & paste
-Phillip tweezer with lights
-2 stick of Clinique lip gloss with 4 colors
-3- Burt's Bees Lip balm
-Burt's Bees Lip Gloss
-Chanel Lipstick
-Dental floss
-2 Mineral Eye Makeup
-Makeup brushes
-Chopstick I use on my hairbun
-Tiny makeup pouch to keep the warpaints
-Giant Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm can to keep all the girlie thingies not fit for public viewing
-Drink tumbler
-GoGear Luxe MP3 player
-Bluetooth Earpiece
-Faber Castell Eraser
-Facial wash
-Hair clips
-Yellow Post-It
-HTC One X
-Burt's Bees Req-Q Ointment
-House keys on oh so boring keychain
-Yoobao 8400mAh Power Bank
-Kleenex wet wipes
-HTC Sensation XE
-Hershey's Chocolate Pearl box to keep vitamins, plasters & medicines
-Tassel & parts of my Camel colored handbag

Not in photo - in use

-Contact lense case

-Mechanical pencil
-Black pen

Can't wait to see what's in your bag!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

astro is great for those with low blood pressure!

ASTRO must be the worst in customer service. Are their call center staffs trained to be pathological liar, especially the supervisors and managers?

You know when they screw you over, and you complain? They don't call back to follow and they don't settle your problem. Your hours of explaining is as good as talking to the wall. There's no way you can contact them again apart from the 1-300, no email, nothing. You call the helpline again, talk to different person, repeating the case all over again for the umpteenth time. And again the same happens. You blow your top and demand to speak to the supervisor. They'll tell you there's no supervisor. Until you start shouting into the phone! Some one will finally talk to you. Make more empty promises. And still the same. I just can't believe such service are being dished out by a monopoly company.

Oh apparently it takes more than 20 days for courier to be dispatched from Bukit Jalil to Penang!

This is not a case of faulty device or service. It's all about the inefficiency of Astro staffs, both at the call center and Astro outlet in Penang! And when you think there's no way they can screw you over anymore, surprise surprise, they'll find a new low in customer service!

Just received information that the document has not been dispatched as of now, it's day 20 from the day the error was discovered. And 30 days since the case have been active!

Sigh! My blood pressure is surely through the roof, and I am hoarse from screaming at ijjit! If I get a stroke tonight, you guys know who to blame.

I better hit the shower now to cool-off. I update with the whole story later.

a year later