Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My favorite store on Carnavon Street

My knees go weak, what ever self-restraint I thought I still have remains on the curb of Carnavon Street.

My eyes gets glassy seeing all the colors looks deliciously enticing. Pens, paints, and markers, crayon, watercolors and pencils, if I can't have them all, I must at least have a few, or (when Zz is hovering) just one.

Don't even let me begin on the papers! I get a high running my fingers on the different textures and material, in standard sizes all the way to a giant roll. And the brushes; did you know DaVincci makes sable makeup brushes too?!

Welcome to my Kryptonite, Nanyang Book and Art Supply Store.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Good bye dear Iron Lady

On the last day of Halfest 2017, she visited Athene Spices booth. And for the first time she stayed for quite a bit and then came back to sit and asked me to cook for her. I specially cooked a few dishes for her and she ate them all. As always, she calls me Adik, we joke about our usual topics, weigh loss and politic.

After giving some really great advice on politics, she then said let's not talk politic anymore today, let's talk about you and your business, she keep saying that Athene Spices is really good and should really go places, and she repeatedly asked me how can she help me, reminding me to see her soon so she can take me see a few people.

Before she left to make her round to the other booths, she said, "Adik, jom ikut saya jalan round round, bila lagi kita nak jalan sekali". So I followed her to a few booths, trying out the samples, raving about how delicious the D24 ice cream is.

Before we parted she told me that she wants me to teach her how to make Hyderabadi Biryani and Lamb Mandi like the one in the photo I showed her. I said let's plan something soon. That day I saw glimpses of her I never saw before, I saw beyond the Iron Lady, the politician and the business tycoon I've met and worked with countless of times.

Little did I know that will be the last time I see her.

Early this evening Datuk Wira Dr  Maznah Abdul Hamid passed away at IJN after a short illness.

I will really miss you, Datuk Maznah, thank you for everything, advices, motivation and for being an inspiration. I hope I'll live up to what you are in me.