Friday, July 25, 2014

our souls belong in poetry, our faces in artistic shots

You and I, we are the same, our souls belong in poetry, our faces in artistic shots.

You just made me smile which in turn is growing into a grin. People must be wandering what has tickled my fancy. Who has amused this lonesome soul who has not taken her eyes off her books in hours, or said a word to anyone. I wander what stories they are concocting in that minds of theirs. Just hope that they have a tiny bit of imagination.

You were born at just the right moment,old souls like us can’t be part of the age and history that we love so much.

As we create our own memories, we learn from the past, knowing how things should be done.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We are a nation of bullies

 We are a nation of bullies and religion; race and politic has nothing do with it. We bully people everywhere, it's becoming a national past time. We even bully people while discussing about bullies.

With pride we are competing to show the ugly side of us that used to be shamefully well hidden.

Orang tak aibkan kita, kita yang berpusu pusu nak tunjuk aib kita.