Friday, May 27, 2016

MakChick Bloggers at KeCeramic

We went looking for 'pinggang' with Kak Teh, but found laughters and friends (and Rosmah's pinggan and wonderful ceramics) instead. Thanks for such a wonderful evening ladies. I haven't laughed this hard in a long long time.

Thanks Kak Hasnah for the delicious Laksa Sarawak and Rissoles from Dapur Hasnah, Datin Rosmah for hosting us at your beautiful showroom (when can I move in?) and the gigantic king crab in two dishes.

It's always a hoot to get together with Kak Kay Mohd Noor (thanks for the 'Red Uber' ride home) and her serene highness of DJ, Kak Nasirah Aris.

Sorry Kak Puteri for all the pot shots we took at you (the handbag is still not suitable for a women of your stature, I'll gladly take it off you anytime). Once you are done rearranging the abstract design tiles, you can color code the others 

Too bad Mak Andehh is still very shy to join our mugshots 

I am also honored to meet Kak Fauziah, hope our kookiness doesn't shock you too much.

Here's to old and new friends, may we always be true to ourselves and never let petty things to come between us.
Pengkisahan yang penuh emosi oleh Kak Teh

Kak Nasirah and Kak Fauziah were listening intently. Kak Hasnah's ready with the durian pits for anyone dares annoy us.

'Lost Pinggang Society' first official meeting. 

Must have post! 

And one more joined us. 

This one's for you Tom, we saved the king crab shell for you.

Quite a feat that was, fitting everyone in this selfie.

The hosts and the guest of honor. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

TWG for Athene's Belated 42nd

We were at Paragon, and he asked me what I wanted for a belated birthday treat. I said as we are both still exhausted from the weekend and yesterday cooking sessions, I'd be happy with just some Godiva ice cream. 

He took me next door instead, and we had one of the best high tea we've ever had. Their new high tea set menu is really good, every dish sweet or savoury infused with a different type of TWG tea. And of course we drank my favorite Geisha Blossom tea!

It's one of those meals that leaves you with that indescribable feeling that lies between a smile and a high. 

Thank you Abang