Monday, November 12, 2007

Snapshots of Growing Up in Trengganu

I got my GUiT!!!! I got Growing Up in Trengganu!!!

Tricked my other half into meeting some friends @ Gurney for lunch - reason? MPH apparently still have some copies of GUiT!

When I first asked for the book, the salesperson looked clueless, asking me to check with customer service insted. Then I remembered what Amir said about them being @ the Hot Pick shelves. There were only 4 copies left, we bought 2 (one a gift for a friend) and guess what I did next?

Hehehehe *evil grin* I moved the remaining 2 from the bottom shelf to the top shelf! Perfect eye-level. Moved some of Tunku Halim's too *more grin, sheepish this time*

The thrill of it all almost made me wish getting caught so that I can question why books by local authors are placed way at the bottom shelves, and we are talking about books on the best-seller list here!

Also got a couple of Tunku Halim's :) My friend swiped them both from the shopping bag while I was busy with the camera guy. Hey I want my books back!

I couldn't wait to start on the tales of Awang Goneng, dear KakTeh's partner in crime so I was flipping through it on the journey home, bad idea. I know perfectly well that I can't read in any moving vehicle, so I'm now feeling 'melugai'

The new camera been acting strangely. Whenever I attempt to transfer photos from the xD -card, only about half of the photos works while the rest of the files end up corrupted. After that, the card won't work anymore, I need to have it formatted. Lost lots of photos, mainly from the 2 events - the 'very secretive dinner' and the 'last minute sport event'! Alamak, I hope the others bothered to snap some shots during the 'do's

The camera guy offered to replace the card with a new one , we tried our luck and asked for an SD instead, and he agreed! And he offered a 2GB + 1GB SD Card in replacement to the 2GB xD-card, no extra charge! It must be our lucky day.

KakTeh, we are going to to Trengganu day after tomorrow, shall bring the book along to 'tayang'.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How he has grown in 150 days....

More updates later.

By the way, a belated Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone, I know it's kinda late but it's the thought that counts right?