Monday, November 12, 2007

Snapshots of Growing Up in Trengganu

I got my GUiT!!!! I got Growing Up in Trengganu!!!

Tricked my other half into meeting some friends @ Gurney for lunch - reason? MPH apparently still have some copies of GUiT!

When I first asked for the book, the salesperson looked clueless, asking me to check with customer service insted. Then I remembered what Amir said about them being @ the Hot Pick shelves. There were only 4 copies left, we bought 2 (one a gift for a friend) and guess what I did next?

Hehehehe *evil grin* I moved the remaining 2 from the bottom shelf to the top shelf! Perfect eye-level. Moved some of Tunku Halim's too *more grin, sheepish this time*

The thrill of it all almost made me wish getting caught so that I can question why books by local authors are placed way at the bottom shelves, and we are talking about books on the best-seller list here!

Also got a couple of Tunku Halim's :) My friend swiped them both from the shopping bag while I was busy with the camera guy. Hey I want my books back!

I couldn't wait to start on the tales of Awang Goneng, dear KakTeh's partner in crime so I was flipping through it on the journey home, bad idea. I know perfectly well that I can't read in any moving vehicle, so I'm now feeling 'melugai'

The new camera been acting strangely. Whenever I attempt to transfer photos from the xD -card, only about half of the photos works while the rest of the files end up corrupted. After that, the card won't work anymore, I need to have it formatted. Lost lots of photos, mainly from the 2 events - the 'very secretive dinner' and the 'last minute sport event'! Alamak, I hope the others bothered to snap some shots during the 'do's

The camera guy offered to replace the card with a new one , we tried our luck and asked for an SD instead, and he agreed! And he offered a 2GB + 1GB SD Card in replacement to the 2GB xD-card, no extra charge! It must be our lucky day.

KakTeh, we are going to to Trengganu day after tomorrow, shall bring the book along to 'tayang'.
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