Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Fresh from my outrage over the standard of the newscasters in Malaysia mass media, a friend has put up on her status a 'new' word she came across today. 

The word fascinates me so much that I had to dig out my Malaysian Idiot Dictionary of Gibberish Edition 2013. Is it a noun? Or an adjective. Or heaven forbids a verb. So here goes.

Mancho - man·cho /mndˌ chou/

A man who thinks he is oh so hip because he applies Tancho to his hair. He is often easily recognized by his 'kepala kena kapak' and oil stains on the collar. 

Fraternizing with such is believed to be major cause of the deterioration of spelling and pronoucation skill among Malaysian of the 21st century. 

Term believed to be mainstreamed by Malaysian adults who skipped elementery spelling class in kindergarten. 

Liberal use of the term has been proven to accurately determine that your IQ is 2 point higher than human closes simian relative, the chimpanzee. 

eg. Enida has been optimistic about about her latest blind date until she discovers that he is yet another mancho. She was last seen escaping in an Airwing helicopter, headed toward the hermit caves of Sabah.

note : Tancho is a brand name of a hair pomade that was very popular during the 50s & 60s. 

Usually used to produce the sharp middle-parting hair look. Still available at bigger 'jamu' shops catering for Indonesian migrant workers. 

Side effects of using the current stock of the product are inability to spell simple words and delusion of grandeur that they are God's gift to womenkind. 

Last date of factory production is very vague, stock most probably dating to the 60s. 

To be used to turn off intelligent sophisticated adults.


Anonymous said...

I never knew that Tancho existed though I have met a lot of Manchos...hahaha

Faten Rafie said...

Lol... I was introduced to Tancho by an FB Aussie Malaysian friend, he must have grown up during that time and age. And then I came across it at that 'Jamu' store, of course I couldn't pass ip the chance of snapping a photo.

While Manchos are found in abundance these days, especially on social networks ;)