Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Twasn't the flours...

When I got sick again with flu and chest infection a few weeks back, someone blamed all the baking done in the house. Nah... For one, the flour particles are not fine enough to be constantly hovering in air all the times, and then there the fact that I haven't been baking with flour in months.

Let me tell you what I know, the main culprit is the next door neighbor who has been constantly renovating his house the past 18 months. 6 days a week too. I am very much amazed that the house hasn't collapsed after the amount of jackhammering that's going on. Are they like intentionally creating holes all over the walls?

Even though we are using industrial standard mask (thank God we always keep some trade samples at home), I really feel like giving a piece of my mind to them not so neighborly neighbors. This can't be going on for ever. The amount of dust and the noise and vibration over such a long period of time is really killing us. They start at 8am too!  And on Saturdays too.

I remember there was once when we were using an electric drill to put up a few frames, within 10 minutes the wife were at the gate questioning us what we were doing and why were they not inform/asked for permission to do so. And so far, since this renovation rampage started 18 months ago, no one have yet to come over to inform us of anything, heaven forbids apologize for the trouble were are going through.

So how do you deal with such neighbors? There's only so much patience in a person.

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