Sunday, April 01, 2007

Who's the fool?

After laying low for oh so many years , I've finally been April-fooled. By the famous 5Xmom, no less. It was a good prank though, even those very close to her fell for it too. Many, including yours truly are plotting revenge :)

Maybe I should have done the same, I know a lot of people are dying for me to be pregger. I guess I'm just not brave enough to pull it off - the prank, not being pregnant!

Talking about pregnancy, lil' sis, S is worried that her baby is not kicking enough, less than the required 10 kicks a day - or something like that. Went to the neighborhood GP, they did a scan, everything seems okay for a 30 weeks pregnancy and told her to monitor the baby's movements in the next 3 days. Mom's decided to take her to see the gynae tomorow though.

I'm wondering if the jabs she took before flying Cairo-Penang (to help the baby's lungs to develop) has anything to do with this. I know medically it is safe to travel long distance before your 7th month, but to me, flying long-haul twice during your pregnancy is not exactly too brilliant.

By the way, Eddie turns 17 today, he's got a birthday celebrations with friends and can't make it to the weekly family gathering. I've got to learn to let go, he's a man now, not the little butterball that used to scamper around the compound in nothing but Ultraman t-shirts. Scraped-off the birthday cupcake plan and he shall get the long-awaited present next week.

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