Sunday, February 27, 2011

So what's your internet history, how has it touch your life?

15 years ago next month, I got my 1st email & internet account with Jaring. The 1st person I emailed was Redza at  Columbia Uni, NYC.

So much has happened since then, I learned email, websurfing, IRC. Met someone there, dated my soulmate & got hitched to him within 7 week. It's been wonderful & I enjoy every second of it & am looking forward to what else the net has to offer. What triggered all this trip down memory lane you may ask? I just found my old Celine Dion- Falling Into You CD & it's playing on the stereo now. That CD & Radio Music was my constant companion during all those late nite chatting.

*the top part was supposed to be a status update, but as usual I got carried away, so here's a note*

I wonder what ever happened to my old Undernet #warung, #mamak, #penang pals now, the few I'm in touch with has done very well for themselves - jpg & onedge. So where's diZz, joelabi, scopenk, ennie, drag, landlord, itik, che, soon, tab, tabdad + those Cardiff kids that used to troll Malaysian #channels to release exam tension (a million apologies for banning Cardiff IP that few times :Þ) And then there was Tening who sent me a postcard from every city in Europe she traveled to during summer despite having chatted in #mamak only a few times - mananged to finally hook up with her on FB in '10. My search to re-connect with Ennie @ Anita Salleh from Singapore has come to nil, the many emails I sent to all the Anita Sallehs of SG I could find thru google has come to nought. Would really love to get in touch with her, she was like a sister to me during that few 'tumultuous' months post ID4 ;)

I was a self-proclaimed internet addict, finally weaned myself by going net-free at home for a year back in 97' while settling down to married life! Missed a few net fads, some much regretted, other gladly.

1998-2001 was the newsgroups years, met many wonderful intellects in soc.cul.malaysia that really broaden youthful my mind. Ahmad Sayuthi, a big fan of Pink Floyd and who's just tied the knot with his soulmate , here a big hiho to you.

'Refomasi' years came & went, it triggered my interest in local politic in ways never imagined by people around me. Then on to blogging where I got to 'know' and became followers of Pokku & his children, Kak Teh, Mak Andeh, PakPayne, Atenah, Elly, Awang Goneng, Rocky Brew, Kickdefella, MGG Pillai, SakMongkolAK47, Marlinda & Thea, Mamasita-Mamamia, MM's Ranting plus many more - ah... the list is endless.

Didn't bother much with social networkings, Yahoo group was just for high school group, a hit& miss with Friendster. Then Facebook got me end of 07'! It rekindled numerous friendships from RRGS (1), MRSMBP, college days, IRC, newsgroup & I found many long lost relatives. I made friends with so many more and got to know my idols from blogs personally.

I now blog occasionally, sometimes tweet, Facebook almost *uhuk* daily, do internet banking & shopping, have an online business, using Streamyx at home. Use my mobile wifi/3G for emails, surfing and ermm... the tiniest amount of Facebook *wink* when on the road.

It's been 15 years for me, and YES I'm still an addict, and NO I will not give it up again, EVER!

So what's your internet history, how has it touch your life?

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