Thursday, February 16, 2012

a diversion in my path of life.

About six months ago I resolved to make some changes in my life. I wasn't too crazy with where I was with all the things around me. Many things need to change. At that point I decided that the first change should be something not involving others directly. Something that I could be in total control of. Something about me and myself. Hence began my journey of shedding all this excess, both physical and emotional.

As the physical transformation takes place, so does the my emotional state. I am discovering things about me that I never knew exist. This new strength, willpower and determination. And the creative part of me is also making a comeback. The eloquence juice is flowing well.

In the past six months, I've shed about 35% of my body weight, help edit & publish a book of poetry, re-evaluate a thing or two in my life, learn of a few of my hidden talents and best of all, I started living my life to the fullest.

My journey on this new path has begun. There's so much ahead, and I won't look back. I will brave this chance and no more regret. I will make the best of everything.

p/s : funny how I meant to write about something else but ended up writing this instead. So do you still want me to write about how I did it?
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