Friday, June 29, 2012

exhaustedly hopeful

we have all been there
at one point or another
a place so close 
to a total burnout
at your wit's end
gasping and grasping for 
that last bit of courage

just as you throw-in the towel
leaving everything 
in the hand of the almighty
you realize that you are just a tiny speck
in the grand scheme of life
with or without you
the world still go on
that the universe 
centers neither around you
nor your pain and exhaustion

the blinding flash slaps you awake
from the nightmarish reality
everything suddenly become crystal clear
forlorn and tired, yet fueled 
with the tiniest bit of faith
your life gains a semblance of normality again
with joys interspersing among the dramas
you again become the center of your universe


My darling A,

When I wrote this, I had no idea of the state of life you are in, but when you messaged me even before I got the chance to post it, I call it kismet!

This one's for you babe. Keep that cute chin up, and remember, this too shall pass.
We have a date in the City of Love remember?  You are not bailing on taking me around your adopted city!

Love & hugs as always,


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