Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another Teacher's Day

I've always been one big for Teacher's Day celebration, every opportunity I get I try to thank my teachers. 

And then I lost 4 teachers in succession, all in a span of 6 months, two within a couple weeks of each other in September 2012 and the other two just days apart in late March 2013. 

In mourning, I did not celebrate Teacher's Day, choosing to ignore it completely this year. And then I came upon some cartoons my schoolmate Sireh Cartoonist did for our teacher Cikgu Zul, I started weeping. And I haven't stopped since. 

I realize I should not be mourning anymore, for they have done their part in making me who I am today, so I should celebrate and cherish those still around. So here's a belated Teacher's Day wishes to all the teachers who's ever taught me, in school and in life. And to Cikgu Zulkifli Bin Kassim, Cikgu Naimah, Cikgu Zulkiflee Rahman and one of my best friends Cikgu Hayati Abdul Rahman, may your souls are among the righteous. Alfatihah.

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