Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Did you just brush me off, Mr. Prospective MP?

A lot of people has been complaining that they are getting constant text messages campaigning for this and that political parties. Much more to their annoyance, if the message is from a group that they do not support. I have been lucky so far, not even one has gotten through, though I'd love to get a few, so that I can see what the other party is offering.

And then a couple of days ago a WhatsApp from an MP candidate who happens to be an old family friend came in. After verifying my identity, he proceeded to ask for my support, just a one liner "Need ur support please".

This is where it got interesting, I asked him to tell me why I should vote for him as I assumed he knows what my political stand is (I have indirectly said so many times before), he just told me to ask my dad. FYI, my dad doesn't support same cause as I do ;) I went on to tell him that if he can convince me why he'd make a good MP representing me, than he deserve my vote. He just said Insyaallah. Then nothing more.  

Did the man just brush me off? Did he assumed that just because my dad doesn't support BN, I am a sure thing too. And did he want me to ask my dad to explain to me why I should vote for him, like I am not worth his time. Do I look like I am desperate to change my vote?  Am I part of the demographic that's considered surely to be anti-BN, thus I will surely vote for him? Or did he write me off as an old recalcitrant, no campaigning will change my obstinate mind? If he did that, he is deeply mistaken. As much as I am a supporter of UMNO and BN, I believe a good team of opposition is required for the country to run well. Check and balance is crucial.

A friend (who happens to be very knowledgeable in politic) told me to give the guy a chance, don't troll him he said. It's his first time trying out his wings, the guy said. Well I say, I gave him a chance to campaign his cause to me, and perhaps I may change my mind and convince a few others too, but he let it pass. 

What do I have to use as point of reference to decide if he's not willing to talk to me? Has he shown any leadership traits over the years? Perhaps, but only in very small ways, as leader of a large corporation. Top that with his fanatical loyalty to a leader which we all know will 'take care' of people who took care of him during his 'troubled times'. A long time friendship with my family? I don't think all this will even make  me consider voting for him instead the candidate who's party I support. At least that guy took the trouble to talk to me even though he knows I am almost a sure thing.

Too bad for for you Mr. MP wannabe. Why did you do that? Out of what? Arrogance? Or too sure that you will win as your coalition is ruling the state currently. Such attitude will not go down very well with people, especially those you need votes from.

You talk about people's power. Now I, one of the people is speaking. I am not a kid and I do have my own opinion and belief in politic. 
I am a part of the so called new voters, under 40 of age, though this is my 4th election since coming of age, please don't take me for a clueless fool, we are quite savvy with how things work, especially how I want my country to be run.

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