Thursday, May 09, 2013

Mama & Baba goes to Kashmir

For as long as I can remember, mom always says that her dream destination is Kashmir. And today, less than 3 months shy of their 40th anniversary, mom and dad are going to Kashmir and Delhi for their second honeymoon. Hope its every bit like they dreamt of and then some.

Sharmila Tagore and Shami Kapoor return home ;)

If only you all know the drama that took place when I took him shopping for shoes yesterday. He wanted Aliph shoes, I told him its no more in the market now. I had picked about 7 pairs for him to try on, none was good enough, colors too garish like fellahin he said, texture looks like snake skin (may attract the snakes in India *facepalm*) 

Lucky we finally found this Reebok ZigNano and he didn't seem to be too adverse to the design, just the tiny bit of argument over the size. And it matches the Reebok backpack I gave him this morning. Just now while waiting for birding he kept asking me to take photo of him with the shoes and bag.

Yes, Mek Yam totally swag!

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