Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thank you!

I know this is a couple of days overdue, but it's been truly a mad couple of days. So many calls to make, to thank the people who helped and supported me through out the whole thing. Text, WhatsApp and messages to be replied. And congratulations to be sent out to the other winners. Plus the VP and MT candidates are still making their rounds, I am barely getting any sleep at all. I am making far more call now than during my campaigning period!

Running the campaign all on my own, no team, no running mate, and against 3 other quite popular candidates, I wasn't exactly expecting to win. So you can say that it came as a huge surprise to me eventhough many believe in me, and that I could do this.

And as always, I want to do this properly, thanking my FB friends that been supportive of me all this while, for believing in me and giving me a push in moments of doubt.

For all the well wishes and good vibes that you have sent my way, I am ever so grateful.

To my political and life advisors, thank you for the tips, ideas and reality checks you guys hammered into me. You know who you are ;)

To my soundboard, I couldn't have gotten through the past 3 weeks without you putting up with my rants and moodswings. Sorry if I bit your head a bit too hard. The 'Moleskine' handwritten message is brilliantly touching. How do I thank you?

To Tisa, thank you for the good lucks charms you sew ever so beautifully. I am glad your works were with me both on the 'Penamaan Calon' and 'Persidangan & Pemilihan' day. I know you were with me in spirit all the way too.

To my godmothers on FB, I am glad you guys do take me seriously at times, in the midst of all the silliness and all.

To Banafsheh, how do I express my gratitudes? The fact that you agreed to be my official representative was already mind blowing, but when you proclaim yourself my campaign manager for the day, it made me cry. You did beautifully representing me, and I bet quite a few of 'perwakilan' were charmed by your great PR.

To my cheerleaders and wonderful friends who are with me all the way through on FB, there's too many to name each and everyone, so as not to risk missing anyone, I am not going to be specific. You are all my pillars of strength. I am glad most of you see the potential underneath all this kookines, who would have guess I take politic so seriously. I am so glad I do.

To family members, I hope I made you proud. I wish my late uncle Pak Chaq is still here to see that atleast one of his nieces/nephew is continuing his legacy. I wish I could be half as good as he was, and to be remembered as dearly when I am gone.

To Janaki, I'm glad I won on your birthday. Wish William is still here to see this, he foretold this journey a while back, but I was too silly to give it any serious thought.

To the one closest to my heart, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As Zahid said, there's no time for celebrations, the real work has begun, and it's going to be an uphill battle. Keep your well wishes coming this way, I need them. 

Seriously, I do.

I love you all.

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