Friday, April 10, 2015

The Whys of Regrets

Two fridays ago, I said my goodbyes to her
I knew that was my final goodbye, 
The last time I hold her in my arms,
The last time I kiss her hands and cheeks, 
The last time I'll hear her speak to me, 
Sing along with me, retort to my silly jokes,
I knew that's the last time I could thank her,
for making me who I am today,
And that this was to be our last memory together.

And as I walked out of the room, tears running down my cheeks I knew that was the last time she will hear me tell her I love her.

Yet when I got the news this morning, something I always knew was coming, I keep screaming to myself, why didn't I go back, why didn't I tell her I love her once more. Why didn't I stay longer that day. 
The whys of regrets.

Monster Master and her monster.
Oct 2014

Thank you Ms. Loh for the endless things that you've done for me and many many more, you are the kindest and most beautiful person inside and outside that I know. I love you, I am saying it once again, even though I know you'll hear it no more.

Sleep tight now beautiful.

In loving memory of 
Ms. Loh Mei Lin
1956 - 2015

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