Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The day before D day.

So I may not get my birthday wish. I can’t say it was anything more than wishful thinking, but I know we really worked hard for it. And there's nothing wrong in dreaming is there? 

The couple of days leading to my birthday had been truly an eye opening experience. I learnt so much and that includes human’s true colors. How some can crack under the simplest pressure and those weak looking one may turn out to be a real trooper. I came to realize how those you see as your close trusted friends, the one you'd take a bullet for could just sell you out in a heartbeat when they think their self interest is the of utmost importance. 

I met a few old friends, made more new ones, and found a kindred spirit or two. What I really noticed was that how down to earth some really high ranking people are and how snobbish those who think they are important can be. There was this one imaginary 'important person' who back-stabbed someone who has nothing to lose by treachery, thinking that she will earn brownie points for carrying tales, little did she realize that she is no where in the same league as the other person, and there’s nothing she will gain out of this but a reputation that’s not exactly nice.

I've also learnt that our body can take more abuse than we always thought, 3 hours of sleep everyday for a forthnight has been proven to be not fatal *wink* and that guzzling 8-12 glasses of 'teh tarik' can help you add on 5kg in the same period.

Here's to dreaming.

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