Tuesday, July 14, 2015

O pain be gone

The pain got quite bad by 6pm, and I just wanted to go home for the breaking of fast, but there were massive jam everywhere in Penang.  Grabbed a quick bite on the road and got home by 8:15. And it just got worse, the pain has creep up to my elbows and upper arms, almost to my shoulders. It wasn't just on the joints, but in the muscles too.

As some of you know, I am allergic to almost all painkiller or muscle relaxants, so I can't take any except the usual paracetamol. By 11pm, I had to take a couple of Panadol Extend, which didn't do a thing, so I applied some analgesic gel.

Midnight, I was in such pain that I started to whimper. Found some old Flexall, I liberally rub on the entire length of my arms, shoulder to fingertip. I didn't care anymore, allergy or not I need some painkiller. Mom has a choice between Celebrex or Norgesic, told just to give me the strongest one. She gave me Celebrex plus a couple of anti inflammation pills just in case I get any bad reaction. She told me to go get a jab if it gets worse (pain or allergy) in one hour. She also gave me some Ketotop plasters to apply after the Flexall is fully absorbed and my skin is no longer tacky.

Probbed both arms and tried to sleep, I was hoping that my senses would be numb and I could sleep it off, but that's not going to happen. By now I couldn't even lift either of my arms anymore, Zz helped apply the Ketotop analgesic plasters at 1:15am and with one hot water bag under my elbow, I finally dozed off an hour or so later.

And that's how I woke up looking like someone with a bad botox job. The pain is at 50% now. Now I must see the accupunturist before the holidays.

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