Thursday, October 01, 2015

Spice Padawan

Athene Spices youngest padawan insisted on helping us move back the stock and fixtures to the workshop last Monday right after he got home from kindergarten and caught us leaving. 

He ran and hugged Zz, hanging on to his legs, not letting go. H & Q both made it very clear that they miss Zz very much over the past five days, every few hours they'll ask when he's coming back.

Q was very fascinated by the empty SPICE Arena, asking why everyone's leaving, where they are taking all the stuffs, his usual million and one questions.

This kid who refuses to eat a bite at kindergarten, was famished by now, so when we got to the workshop, he walked straight next door as he knows there's a bakery with yummy hot buns there, and got himself a pizza bun (pre-lunch snack he said) which the nice lady refuses to take any payment for.

Later while tucking in on the bun and isotonic drink, we had a little chat as we were doing stock check and putting them away.

Q : I like this new workshop.

A : This is the same workshop as before, the one you helped paint and  came to help last week and the week before.

Q : It's nicer now, it's cooler, and you have a fridge and cold drinks! Ice lemon tea and 'uncle's Coke'. And cold water. I like eating here, this high chair makes it easy for me to eat. Can I have some 'pulut udang'? I love 'pulut udang'.

A : Finish your bun. It's too early for 'pulut udang', the man selling it haven't setup stall. We are having lunch later with H.

Q : Aten, you know what will make this workshop nicer? This weekend, we go to Queensbay and get a TV. That will make this workshop much much nicer. I can watch movies here too.

A : Shall I get you pillows and blanket can sleep here too? *teasing*

Q : Okay *very serious* Can we go for a movie afterward? I haven't been to the movies for ages. Can we go eat in Queensbay? Can we go to the bookstore? I like the books at the bookstore. 

A : *faint*

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