Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vaping lifestyle is a drug lifestyle.

Vape can be easily used with synthetic drugs in public with no way of detecting the drug use, there's no smell, nothing so see, positive identification only via lab test. For children as young as 9 now it's far easier to get drug and use it publicly  than to get a pack of cigarettes.

The danger outweighs a million fold to the benefit of helping people kick the nicotine addiction. By the way, how many people do we know have managed to kick the nicotine addiction by using vape/e-cigarettes?

Stop supporting something that is going to kill our future. Our children are our future. Shame on those who vehemently supports the so called industry because they are making millions from selling the juice.

Vaping lifestyle is a drug lifestyle. The line is too grey to differentiate between the two. No one in their right mind should publicly support and encourage this, let alone try to implement regulations as to support the industry. If you vape, I see you just as another smoker, no judgement. However, if you try to support it, justifying the goodness of it, or worse if you are in the business of promoting vaping, to me you are are a public enemy, just like the next heroin pusher, crack dealer, pill kuda brother.


My future generation deserves to live. So do yours.

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