Thursday, November 03, 2016

Some people shouldn't be on socmed!

I know you are trying to be popular and all, but can you please not batch send photo messages to multiple groups on daily basis? You know that daily dose 'Selamat Pagi', 'Asalamualaikum', 'Jom Solat Subuh', and weekly 'Salam Jumaat' or that daily countdown to whatever that's coming up are getting to be really really annoying. 

And don't get me started on the videos! Oh the times I have to delete multiple videos, all sent by the same person. It's not enough you flood the groups, you send the videos and photos through our private message! And it's jamming up our phones and eating up people's data allowance! 

When I reminded one of you of the purpose of the group chat, and that the streams of greetings are actually burying the important facts and information, you got defensive and said that we can't be too serious on the chats, and what's your favorite line, sharing is caring? Hoe many times people missed important information due to this? You seem to miss the point that all the groups are with specific serious purpose, not for random chats and fun sharing! 

Now if only you'll stop sending all those videos and photos, or forwarding them chain messages, I think you'll be able to do your job better, no more mistyped letters or important documents, no more sending the wrong information to the wrong group of people.


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