Sunday, July 22, 2018


Teachers and those who are in relationship of trust who sexually abuse deserve to lose everything, job, freedom, future and everything in between.  No mercy for them. They must pay for their crime against innocent children. For the bleak future they have forced upon their victims.

They never showed any mercy on their victims did they? The children who are their students, the one that they are supposed to teach and protect, the one that they are supposed to guide spiritually. The one too scared to say no, the one made to think that what being done to them is natural and not wrong. The one made to believe that if they were to speak out no one will believe and will be accused of lying instead.

Imagine the emotional and physical damage they've inflicted. The trauma may lead the victim to mete out the same abuse on others, and this vicious cycle will continue, sadly some may even succumb to taking their life.

Of late, more of these abuses coming to light are by those in religious profession. These bastards use their 'religious position' to convince their young and innocent victims that what they are doing is not wrong. And this is just as bad as those who use mental and physical threat and abuse, if not worse.

And damn the schools and the authorities at Education Department that try to cover these sexual abuses just so they can keep on pretending that everything is fine and picture perfect, then merely transferring the perpetrators to a new playground, with fresh 'meats' to feast on.

We need new law for the highest punishment for these heinous offence, no more of the school and PPD protecting these criminals and putting them first instead of the innocent children. 

Now more than ever, sexual offender registry must be implemented, pedophiles must be kept away from children let alone be in a profession where they come into contact with children.

We must stop enabling these pedophiles. Yes, you and me, we are responsible too if we chose to keep quite.

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