Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sole Meuniére with Cream and Échalote Sauce Meuniére

For weeks we have been craving sole meuniére after seeing Saiful post about it during his London trip.

And a few days ago, I found a good sized sole during one of my early morning market runs. The fish was very fresh and was a good size too, weighing about 1.2kg.
As it was my first time ever cleaning and preparing a sole, it took a bit reading and Googling to learn the techniques. Armed with my new Kai chef knife, an hour later we had two good sized fillets skinned and a bonus of some fish roe (plus a Faten covered in fishscales and smelling like fish that Latte keep biting on my fingers)
I decided to make my first sole meuniere a bit more decadent and flavorful, by not cooking it with just butter the classic way (what's more decadent than cooking in loads of butter?!), adding finely chopped shallot and finishing it with cream.

As the fillets were quite big, the dish was enough to feed four (and two cats) generously.
So here's my very own 'Sole meuniére with a cream and échalote sauce' made from scratch, a side of blanched baby spinach.

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