Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Nasi Ulam Utara

The lady that I usually get my Asian herbs at the market makes 'nasi ulam' herb bundles every Friday. Each bundle consist of fifteen different herbs, half of which I am not familiar with. Of course I couldn't resist getting one, seeing how fresh and fragrant they are.
Even though I grew up eating 'nasi ulam' whenever I visit my mom's sister, it's not a dish I've made before. I am in fact more familiar with the east coast style of rice salad, the 'Nasi Kerabu', which I learned to make from my mother in law and have even taught during my classes.

So a couple of days ago I made my very first ever 'Nasi Ulam Utara' with the herb bundle I got from the market, plus about a dozen more herb and spices from my kitchen garden. We even made 'kerisek' from scratch and fire-grilled the 'ikan talang masin' before pounding it in a pestle and mortar.

Can't believe it was such a big hit, we made two huge bowls and everyone went for seconds and thirds. Personally I think I need a few more practice run to get the flavor right. Looks like we will be having this quite often now.


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