Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Nosey Miss Latte

Our little Miss had a little misadventure yesterday. 

We thought the glue traps we set up for the shrew were all very well hidden in the darkest corner under the lowest  cabinet, away from prying whiskers and nosey paws. 

Well apparently we didn't do a very good job, because within minutes of being let out of her 'apartment' Bibik M could hear a commotion out in the living hall. Latte has somehow managed to get one of the trap boards out from the cabinet and have it stuck on her right foot! 

She was struggling to get it off and won't let Bibik M help her, eventually ending up outside my bedroom crying for help while I was in the shower. She finally surrendered to Bibik M who proceed to remove the board from her leg and rub loads of cooking oil to help remove the glue. 

Poor baby was whimpering when Bibik M took her upstairs to me. I applied more oil, let glue 'soak' for another 30 minutes and gave Latte's foot a proper rub with dish washing liquid and gave her a warm bath which she really enjoys and helped her calm down. 

And Bibik M who spoils her worse than I do, waited by her side as she sun bath to dry off fur. 
She appears alright now, just some part of her fur still has some oil residue, hence it looks like she's ungroomed. 

Happy to report that she's back to chewing on our arms and fingers, chasing after her balls as usual, and there's absolutely no problem with her appetite either! 

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