Thursday, April 05, 2007


The sorry state of garden has really been bothering us for the past few months. My mom tends to plant everything in any place she finds. Don't get me wrong, she has the most beautiful plants (my photos can vouch for that), but she can't plan her garden!

Each time she trims her plants, she's got this habit of sticking the cuttings into any available pot, if she doesn't have enough pot/soil, she'll just pop over to the nursery which is literally 2 houses away! Now our garden is a garden of mess. Last count, we have at least 65 pots of bougainvillea of unknown colors, hundreds of hanging pots of mixed plants - each contains more than 1 type of plant. And that's not including those almost decent ones.

She won't bother with heights and perspectives. When ever we complain, she'll start her tirade of "Oh, I don't know how to do it, I didn't get much education, why don't you do it?" Any reference to the many magazines / books on gardening & plants she bought, she'll pretend not to hear but she somehow miraculously has memorized the names + the latin names of most of the plants in the garden!

She's out to pleat more smocking stuffs. Zz & me has gone on a rampage. In the beginning we just sort of looked at each other, no idea where to begin. Finally decided to attack the new pergola first, any duplicate plants shall be relegated to the backyard pergola, any mixed pot too.

Managed to clear the thing and it's more spacious now. Eddie been complaining that he's unable to play football in the garden since mom went on her gardening binge, building that darn pergola. He won't have to worry about breaking any more pots. Kids will be able to run around more comfortably and have their kids picnic too (actually this is just a trick to get them out of the house and stop running in through one door and out the other - just lay a picnic carpet, give them some food & drinks, call it a picnic, believe me they'll be out of your hair)

If mom doesn't freak out, next step will be to get rid of the bougainvillea cuttings, any taker?


Kak Teh said...

congratulations! at least you know where to start - our back garden is fast turning into a nature reserve.
Thank you for the visit to my blog! so, blog on, woman!

Faten Rafie said...

kak teh, if only you could see the state it is in... luah mati mak, telan mati diri sendiri... hish pening betul.

your nature reserve tu untuk cik AG cari ilham kot :)

Nazrah Leopolis said...

ur mom sounds like my late mom who was also a horticulturist on days she's not at the tv station...macam hutan rimba rumah!

Faten Rafie said...

nazrah, she's terrified of snake, kalau tgk tali or kayu pun dia jerit, so dulu we used to try to scare her dgn kata ada nampak snake in the garden (kdg2 tu mmg ada nampak pun), in the end the plan back-fired, she's overcome her phobia, and whenever we use the same line, dia kata "Tak pa... ular pun tau kesian kat aku... aku bagi makan pokok". So what to do?

she's not at home now, so this calls for another ReGardening project! but then Fella/Homelife etc. warehouse sale pun memanggil2...