Thursday, February 14, 2013

Celebrating love

I don't do Valentine's Day, haven't done so in more than 15 years. Its my way of rebelling against the over commercialization of the day, why settle for three wilting rosebuds when you can get at least a dozen of gorgeous ones another day. I'd rather the money be spent on something else, or put toward that wonderful piece of jewelry I have been eyeing *hint hint*

Anyway, don't let me rain on your parade, have a great one all of you lovebugs, and you, yes you, who are secretly in love, perhaps today will be a new beginning. And for those who thinks they are in love with their bestfriend, don't go there, not all love stories are like those in the movies, you may risk jeopardizing your friendship if it doesn't work out.

Enjoy the friendship, let the love grow. Loving doesn't necessarily means being in love.

Lets celebrate love all year round.

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