Wednesday, February 13, 2013

my secret addiction numero uno

You sneak it in late last night, after a quick trip to the 7-Eleven. Next morning you stealthily carry a giant mug of boiling hot water, mumbling 'for medicinal purpose' when asked whatever they are for, as you dash lightning fast into your room and locked the door behind you. 

You lift part of the foil cover, pour in the hot water right up to the line, cover it again and put a book on top to create a temporary seal. You wait the 180 seconds that feels like a lifetime, clipping the plastic fork into standby mode, tapping your finger as the aroma starts permeating the air. You lift the cover, gently stab into the cup, drawing and airing the hot pale gold strands. You move it closer to your mouth, salivating at the thoughts of the smooth springy noodles, slurping the air even before the fork touches your lips. 

Aahhh... Heaven. And you slowly take sips of the wonderful salty chicken soup in between, feeling it go down your throat and filling your belly with its warmth. I'd say its almost as good as a secret quickie (whatever) in the afternoon.

Cup noodles, the ultimate comfort food. Should be eaten with all the secret guilt, as you relish that at thirty-something, you will relive your teenage secret addiction, all the 250 calories of it.

Sneakily eating it is optional, but makes it taste all the better. It has to be Maggi Hot Cup, and it has to be chicken flavor, anything else, I might as well be eating in front of everyone.

He walks into the room, sniffing the air, looking at me accusingly and said, "You've been having cup noodles secretly, again! Why can't you be like normal people and eat it like normal people do, in the kitchen, at the dining table, in front of the tv... yada yada yada, nag nag nag..."

I just flutter my lashes and giggle. That hot cup still brings out the schoolgirl in me.

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