Sunday, March 17, 2013

Get well soon beautiful!

Yesterday's mad rush really drained me out, I was nursing a major headache too (which most prolly is caused by the detox). So I only managed to visit her after maghrib. 
She was sleeping when I got there today, waking up with a smile when she felt me stroking her face. She said she recognized my touch. After giving her a rub with the Lily body lotion, I asked if she wants her sushi now.
Most people don't believe that she's old enough to be my teacher
With a glint in her eyes she immediately asked to be proped-up. She's eating less now, she had a salmon sushi and a tiny bite of the one with the squid.
Deep in discussion : How to dip the sushi in the soy sauce, fish side or rice?
Get well soon beautiful, there's so many Japanese restaurant with our names on them. We got to make a few of them go out of business *wink*
Ok, I had one tiny piece, the one with cucumber


tireless mom said...

Sorry if I miss the post on Beautiful. Who is Beautiful Faten? May she gets better soon.

Faten Rafie said...

She's my teacher from high school, who over the years has become a very good friend and a close confidanté. She's been battling the big C the past 5 years.

Thank you for praying for her.