Monday, May 06, 2013

The Malaysian 13th General Election is over

The results are out. Both sides got good wins and bad losses. The results has shown strength, influence, weakness and realities that most people fail to see, often blinded by joy of winning and despair of loss. Some cry foul when things don't work their way, accusations flying left and right, everyone have a theory of conspiracy. The voters have chosen and decided, questioning it would just make life more unbearable, haven't we had enough of keyboard and coffeeshop politicking? Well I say it's time to move on with our lives, working on making this a Malaysia we want our children to inherited not some Utopia that only exist in our mind. 

While I am happy that the federal government is still as blue as my finger, none of the results are shocking (well except for that one state), I accept that Penang is collateral damage and race politic is still as thick as it was back in the late 60's. Whether this is good or not, I leave it to you to ponder on that. As for me, I am living the 'collateral damage' life, it's my reality and I know I did my best to assure that not all will be lost. I expected the worst, but the outcome gives me some hope and my faith in Malaysian and Malays especially are restored.

It's up to us, regardless on which side of the divide we are to open our mind, not limiting our vistas to those of our kind, and realize the other side may have a thing to offer to our nation. This is not a perfect one good v. one evil war, it runs deeper than that, and opportunist will always stir things up to their benefit. 

A good opposition is good for a growing nation, so long everyone know the rules of the game. The reality of the outcome of the current events will only seen a couple of generations down the road. So it's time to get off the clouds and settle on good old terra firma. And time for national reconciliation. Thank you to all the brothers and sisters at arm, we did make a difference.

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