Sunday, June 02, 2013

Getting 'tapai'ed

... that reminds me the time I discovered 'tapai'. 

It was Eid, and the men were busy with the qurban meat. While waiting, the host started to bring out 'tapai pulut', 'ketupat pulut' that's ready filled with 'sambal daging' and many other delicious stuffs. 

A cousin convinced me to try the 'tapai', and left soon after that, I was all alone, bored with the book I brought along and started to get acquainted with the fermented glutinous rice . 

By the time the men were done, I have polished all the 'tapai' that's wrapped in rubber leaves, (I left the one in banana leaves alone) there must have been at least a dozen and was giggling a bit too much. 

They hauled me home, making sure I sleep off the '5% effect'. 

And that was a wonderful experience.

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