Wednesday, June 05, 2013

How Many Phones Does A Person Really Needs?

Someone asked me today how many phones do I own, and that got me thinking, how many phone does a person really need? One for work? Another for personally use? Both in one if you don't like lugging more than one (but you must have all accounts under the same network- those dual-sim aren't really big now, mostly popular among kids (for whatever reason) and migrant workers, usually in low end phones. And with smartphones, you really need more than one (or two)? Do you really need an Android along with that iPhone and Blackberry?

And what about people like my dad, who must have a top of the line phone (especially when it's the daughters buying *wink* Love you Baba!) yet even keep all the phone numbers in his head, and only figured how to read text message late last year? Not to mention those being on a dataplan yet just use the top of the line smartphone for just calling and texting, with a bit photo taking.

And the kids these days, what's the deal with accessorizing an 8 years old with a high-end phone? So that they will be smarter in school? Able to figure out rocket science faster? So that they can play CandyCrush in style?

Now back to the question of the day, 'how-many-phone-person' do I look like I am?

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