Thursday, November 14, 2013

The allure of utopian dreams

Heaven on Earth

We found this special place
Beyond the turbulence of anguished thought,
Beyond the vexations of bitter hearts,
Beyond yesterday's regret,
Beyond the grip of tomorrow's worry,
Beyond the allure of utopian dreams.

We found this special place within,
Where pride intrudes not on the soul of love,
Imposes not on another's sacred journey,
Accepts silently the right to be right,
Respects humbly the right to be wrong, 
Awaits not for the wrong to be righted. 

We found this special place together
After the turbulence of anguished thought faded,
After the vexations of bitter hearts perished,
After surrendering yesterday's regret,
After giving away tomorrow's worry,
After the allure of utopian dreams
Drove us to our knees 
in forgiveness.


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