Friday, November 15, 2013

There's still hope after all

This two made me smile when they greeted me with a hello as I walked past them at the bus stop right outside their school couple of days ago. 

Well you see, no kids has done so to me in over twenty years, apart from my former students. Not only they won't say hi to family members or friend, let alone strangers, most kids will just answer with a grunt whenever I greet them. 

And then I noticed what they were up to, instead of being glued to a gadget, this two chose to play a real card game and enjoy real human interaction. There's still hope in these kids after all. 

p/s: they got really excited when I asked to take photos of them and started posing. I told them just to relax and keep on playing. It's UNO they are playing by the way, less someone gets ideas.

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