Sunday, March 13, 2016

My little helper

We decided to clean up the back balcony and maybe start a small garden there again. I used to grow my more exotic carnivorous plants here, at one time there was more than a couple of hundreds different types of drosera, dionaea (Venus flytrap) and sarracenia, but unfortunately I no longer have them. 

When Q found out that we are spring cleaning the balcony, he's the first to volunteer last night. Right after breakfast turned up asking when will we start. So we started by dismantling the old damaged racks and cupboard. And since 'interning' at Jaddu's workshop, he's quite familiar with working with screwdrivers, though he did mention that while this screwdriver is easy to use, the powered screwdriver at Jaddu's is a bit easier. Q removed all the wheels on his own, H helped with a couple of screws before giving up, he tired he said.

And Q is not done yet.

Without being asked, after he's done putting away the old plant pots, he went downstairs to get a broom and dustpan and started sweeping, and even after I told him he doesn't need to sweep the floor, he kept at it, doing a very fine job of it too. 

He then insisted that he can carry the Hylis rack to place it against the wall. And he refused to take any break at all, just chugging water and iced lemon tea as he work.

This one's really love helping around the house.

Finally, what's he's been waiting for all morning, the water jet! And he got rewarded with a water jet mist shower as I worked on the rest of the floor.

I love you Q.

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