Saturday, April 02, 2016

Toxic Teenager

Five years on the young woman has managed to alienate everyone especially family members who she deems unworthy of her imaginary universe. If only she'll come to term of her origins and how well she's been treated, not a word ever breathed or even implied as not to hurt her or her family. They say a child should not pay for the sins of the parents, but it's tough when the child herself goes out of the way to be nasty to everyone and have set family members up against each others. 

The first couple of years was tough, it's like walking on a minefield, you don't know who she's been badmouthing to who. Tension was truly high amongst the family member, some choosing to take sides and used harsh words against the others to prove their loyalty to her. And then one by one ended up with their own fights with her, her words against them just as harsh as it was to us, at times it was worse I was told. One of them involved her being utterly rude to her own grandfather and his children. 

I am glad that she's not a part of our live anymore, what she does or say means nothing to us and by her leaving, the rest of us are getting to know more of each other, and I think this is good as it makes us be better judge of family members, even those we think we know all our lives.

We still catch her taking a peek or two on our social media accounts once in a while though I am amused to know.

As always, I wish her well, may she find happiness in her own world.

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