Monday, April 25, 2016

Five Kittens of Ara River

Looks like we aren't the kind to do things by half. From no cat in the past 10 years, we go to one cat plus five kittens that came soon after. Mom Pogo has gone missing the past couple of days, so the kittens are officially adopted by us. 

Harvey 'Two Face'

Baby Socks who gets bullied all the times

Ninja, she's almost fifty percent bigger than her siblings! Shereen calls her Fatso

Bubbles 'Troubles'

Feisty Ginger.

We've never had female cat before this, hence we never had any newborn kittens before. Watching these five daily progress, after the months of guessing game of 'is Pogo really pregnant or just fat' has truly been a joy.

Meet Ninja, Socks, Ginger, Bubbles and Harvey, born on 12 March 2016.

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