Saturday, April 30, 2016

ANSARA Balik Pulau 87-91 Silver Jubilee

Twenty five years later, we came back to where our stories begin. We may look like adults now, but we are still and will always be the same silly-giggling-troublemakers we were.

 Unfortunately, I couldn't take a photo with each and everyone of you, I arrived at the dinner with barely thirty percent battery left on my phone. With so many of us that night I know I even missed saying 'hi' to quite a few of you, for that I am truly sorry.
Partner in crime, twenty nine years and counting.
 I am glad I made it there with my best girl Fid, and chaperoned and driven by Ms. Rudi & Pak Lan as back in those days (and that made me miss Ms. Loh ever so much more )
So close yet we hardly meet, we must make a point to see each other more often Jaja.

Kapten Rizam and his lighting issues

You have been sorely missed Acom!

The elusive DZ, whom we finally tracked down early this year.

Uji, my roommate Lina and Majen.

Long lost Tikuih, Caen, Obot and Conen

Homeroom Bakti '87! 
To all the teachers who made us who we are today, we are who we are because of you no word can describe our eternal gratitude. 
The master slave driver who made us run track and cross country while he rides on his Honda Cub! Thank you Cikgu Mail, for making me believe that I too can run.

The ever youthful Cikgu Nor Aini Naim, she reported for duty mid semester and took us off the long suffering Mr. Wong Song Kuong. She was too sweet for us to bully 

Ms. Connie was the one who started calling us 'The Giggling Goslings'. She's just as bad as we are if not cheekier, she put me in such a spot that night that there was no way out for me but to face the 'crimes of my past'! Thank you so much Cikgu *roll my eyes* 

Kudos to everyone who made this weekend happen, it's no easy feat to get this whole bunch under one roof at the same time.

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