Friday, March 24, 2017

Behind their mask of meekness

I am very much 'amused' with some people who let people bully them and not stand up for their rights or even attempt to do so even though there's opportunity, time and it's safe enough to do so. When I say bully I mean it in the loosest manner, it could mean being discriminated based on gender, race, religion or social standing; road or parking bullied, treated rudely by service staff, bad service or overcharging at that restaurant. Or it could even be as simple as having people cut in line at that checkout counter. They then come to whine about it on social media, which usually leads to public outcry and shaming and cursing. Chances of the bullies finding out that people are upset with them via social media are almost zilch, especially if the 'crime' are not so big.

And sometimes, the chance arises where someone else is around and the person stands up for them, trying to defend a friend, righting what's not right. After all, friends do fight for friends, don't they?

So here's the funniest part, instead of being grateful, the whiner goes around whining that the friend embarrassed the whiner by defending them, that the friend should have just kept quiet about it. And the whiner goes around to a lot of people to whine about this friend. And this will start a round of bashing and shaming the friend instead. People who fraternize with the whiners aren't usually the kindest kind, they thrive on gossip and shaming. Words they use are cruel at their most charitable The injustice that was stopped is no longer the issue, but the friend who defended the whiner is. The friend's defence embarrass the whiner, that's really a major crime, that friend must be made to look like a major villain!
So what do you say of these people? Are they really the bigger bully hiding behind the mask of meekness? Or do they let themselves be bullied to satisfy their cravings of pure unadulterated meanness?

Yes, this is a whine post, though I am still deeply amused.

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