Monday, May 29, 2017

Of curries, chapatis and biryanis

We braved the traffic jam, ventured through the small lanes of Little India for the sublime curries from Tajudin Hussein's Restaurant that happens to be right smack in the middle of the bazaar Ramadan!

Plenty of the stalls are at least second generation sellers, most are not seasonal hawkers, their usual restaurant or stall are indeed the area selling age old favorites such as the Biryanis and curries of Tajudin Hussein's (you'll be amazed at the number of different fowls they made into a variety of curries), and the fluffy soft capati stall that also sells delicious curries made of various parts of a mutton, the fire roasted mutton limbs are especially scrumptious.

There's also stalls selling 'murtabak', 'putu mayam', 'taukua rendang' and various sweet and savoury snacks, including various halvas, samosas and vadais with a smattering of young faces selling the usual bazaar Ramadan fares.

Sweet and savoury snacks, including various halvas, samosas and vadais.

Murtabak is still RM2.50 here.

Tajudin Hussein opens a stall right outside their restaurant during Ramadan. This is the only place I buy from during Ramadan, as this is one of the places we eat at during regular months.

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