Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ethics in C&P

When posting/sharing something on your wall, something that is not an original work of yours, it would be great if you could put the credit as part of the first paragraph. As we all know most people don't bother to read past a few paragraphs, what's more all the way to the end where you usually put the credit, if you bothered to. I know you mean well, and the article you shared are brilliantly worthy, but please give credit where it's due, right at the top and not buried deep eleven scrolls down.

And to those passing off works of others as their very own, you are only as original as what you share. We know that you don't suddenly develop great writing skill overnight, so please spare yourself from public shaming, give credit where it's due. People will at least compliment you for your great choice of read.

#notoplagiarism #givecreditwhereitsdue

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