Saturday, March 08, 2014

Is this the kind of material our nation is reading?

I'd ban the book even without the use of the word Allah. Look at the atrocious grammar and mangled Bahasa Melayu used!

If there's anyone that you people should be upset of, it's the publisher and the editor for such shoddy job which has let to a major public outcry and making us as a nation look bad especially after the mala fide kind of reporting by Malaysiakini and it's kind. I do believe it was done on purpose, to see how far they can push the use of the word amidst all the Herald controversy and to continue vilify the BN led government.

Oh for heaven's sake, if you are so worried of depriving you and the rest of Malaysian fans of the this copy of the Ultraman saga, go ask the publisher to retranslate the book, and do it without the Google Translate standard of translation. I bet there won't be any banning this time!

To those who thinks that no child or adult will get confused by such translation, all I got to sat is not everyone had your privileged growing up years (and not say to you 'case and point...'), lucky you. Hope you raise your children to be better than you. Make sure they don't read books and magazines with bad translation and terrible grammar either, or they may end up not as well as you are.

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