Monday, March 10, 2014

#pray4mh370 : They are doing their job, what are you doing?

I think it's about time you good people realize that there must be a real good reason for MAS and the government of Malaysia for being tight-lipped about the on going investigation of #mh370. Look at all possible angles, think hard, read between the lines and then think again. But more importantly, stop your ceaseless complainings, questioning MAS decision to have their very own 'crisis management team' instead of hiring one ( I doubt they are taking any cost cutting measure at this point), and also accusing them of inefficiency and slow in responding. Think of the possibility that this may be bigger than we think it is. And trust me when I say that even with the 'controlled information' there's so much rubbish flying around on social media, it will be worse when the truth is out. These BIAWAKs impersonating concerned citizens just want more juice so that they can continue flaunting their 'intelligence' and communication prowess, it's frustrating that everything they want to say someone else has said it better. 

We as a nation has never faced this situation in the the same circumstances. Tanjung Kupang was eon ago, and there's no social media then just a bunch of people hanging at the village coffee shop. Things has got to be handled differently this time, especially considering the circumstances surrounding/leading to the event. The government and MAS are not interested in feeding your curiosity, their main mission is to find the plane. Period.
There's real people out there carrying what's considered the biggest search and rescue mission ever. People using their expertise in this moment of crisis with only one purpose, to recover the plane with all the crew and passengers, hopefully alive and well. 

And then there's the chameleon experts on social media - commonly known as BIAWAK, their area of expertise seems to switch from one to another depending on the trending topic. They complain about everything, have an opinion on every single topic discussed, they diss everyone for not doing their job properly, they think the government doesn't know what they are doing, they compliment to high heaven anything foreign, be it media for sensational reportings or for sending help in the SAR mission.

So go ahead and whine, read all stories and rumour from mainstream media and unverified sources. Believe what you want, be share-happy as much as it makes you happy. Study and investigate all the possible conspiracy theories that you come across. Take it personally that they are just doing this to irritate you.

Or you can join me in continuing with praying for the best, as we wait for official statements from the authorities. At this juncture, anything else doesn't carry weight to me, be it fron CNN or Awani I take them as unsubstantiated rumors and there's nothing more to it. Let's wait for the plane to be found, then you guys can work on your human stories all you want. I promise to commend how smart and eloquent you are then.


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