Thursday, July 07, 2016

Raya Open House 2016 Morning Drama

Wow! Two dramas in a row!And it's only 11.30am!

First the chicken Mama booked, not in stock. So we had to rush to Tesco Udini. Got the chicken, but may need require some extra cutting.

Then just as we were done loading the car with more than 50kg of chicken and were about to rush home Shereen realized that one of her Egyptian charm bracelet is gone! 

Told her to check the car and the car park while I backtrack her steps in the supermarket. Went through all the five places she stopped at, nada. Checked the chili basket, bread racks, yogurt aisle. Nothing. Ask the CS, supervisors, no one found anything. 

I was in such a spot, having to choose between really combing through the supermarket to look for that family heirloom or to rush home to cook for the guests arriving by 2:30pm. My instinct tells me that we will get the charm bracelet back. Then I saw the young man restocking the ice cream freeze that I walked pass by as I rushed to the donut rack. Decided to ask him if he's seen the bracelet. Alhamdullilah, he said he got it in his pocket and was just about to hand it over to CS.

So now, don't any of you dare turn up early for our do today. Ayam baru sampai rumah, tak masak lagi!

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