Saturday, July 16, 2016

Are we bullies too?

We name and shame those that are caught and highlighted, but we forget that our own children and most of us too, are very much lacking of #respectaccountabilitykindness. 

Yes, what she did is very wrong on so many different levels, and she got caught. Yup, she deserves every nasty word and all, every tiny bit of it, there's no excuse for the way she behaved.
You name and shame her, we hope that it will teach her a lesson, but what have you done to try stop this kind of behaviour from becoming a norm in our society? 

I think this new style of shaming is no more different than the 'humble bragging' that so many are passing of as 'peringatan untuk diri sendiri', we tend to over react, to the extend where the original message is lost and some people will take the advantage of running down a race, a religion, a belief, a political party, oh the list will go on forever. 

So instead of continuing with our incessant 'kutuking' (credit to Monyet King) why don't we do something to promote respect, accountability and kindness, so that this kind of behaviour won't become a common thing in the future. 

I think we as a community should look back into ourselves, where did we go wrong that yesterday we have the least expected person, behave so atrociously toward an older person in public. 

And what about those children who abuse their parents and grandparents behind closed doors? It all rolls back to respect. I don't think she respects herself much either, otherwise she won't behave as such and make a spectacle of herself.

-just my two cents worth-

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