Sunday, January 08, 2017

DIY Denim Knife Roll

Weekend Project #2

An accessory I've always wanted for my tools. My first knife roll, to store and transport all my knives.

Denim Knife Roll by Athene
I made it simple enough just to fit all my current knives (plus a couple of extra slots for my dream knives) with two big additional slots for some other kitchen tools and kitchen towel and a (wonkily) hand-sewn name card slot. 

First I planned on adding a copper rivet ring to hold the lace, but patience is obviously not one of my virtues, I couldn't wait for the shop to open on Monday to get the rivet, so I decided to sew the lace on instead. 

As someone said, that makes it an original design, I can tie the lace anyway I like, I can make it pretty with knots or just slit it in for those professional moments. 
My current favorites neatly tucked in the knife roll

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